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Date: Monday, November 18th
Time: 4:15pm 5:30pm
Venue: Mezzanine Meeting Room M3

Speaker: Keith Miller, Weta Digital, New Zealand
Alejandro Crawford, 2n, New Zealand

Abstract: Childish Gambino's Pharos festival was a three day immersive music event held in a 160 foot wide inflatable dome in a remote New Zealand location. Weta Digital and 2n Design joined forces to create captivating 360 degree interactive visuals for the dome projections. Keith and Alejandro will discuss their unique approaches to designing the experience, and choreographing the dream-like imagery to Childish Gambino's performance. From initial concept art and design processes through to VR prototyping tools and the final system architecture for displaying high-resolution, real-time rendered content in Unreal Engine, they will present a glimpse behind the scenes of creating the ground-breaking and award winning event. Image Courtesy: Image courtesy of Weta Digital, 2n, Wolf + Rothstein 2018

Speaker(s) Bio:
Keith joined Weta Digital in 2005 to work on Peter Jackson’s King Kong. He plays a key role in the advancement of VFX techniques, combining high level visual-effects supervision with research and development. Keith moved into a VFX Supervisor role after Avatar and has worked as a supervisor on The Adventures of Tintin, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Jungle Book. Keith is an active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®. He was nominated for a Special Visual Effects BAFTA for his work on The Adventures of Tintin and has received several Visual Effects Society nominations recognising his contributions to digital cinematography and virtual environments. His recent work on Childish Gambino’s Pharos earned him a Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project.

Alejandro Crawford is an artist, designer, and the Creative Director of Childish Gambino’s award-winning Pharos experience. He is the co-founder of 2n, a design studio that specializes in the creation of groundbreaking interactive and immersive experiences.