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XR Graphics in Unity: Ensuring the Best AR/VR Experiences

Description: Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are powerful tools for storytelling, but poor execution can negatively impact consumer reactions and engagement. This session guides you through the latest Unity tech and best practices for creating stunning high-end VR and mobile AR visuals.

Speaker(s): Marek Marchlewicz, Unity Technologies

How the Universal Render Pipeline unlocks games for you

Description: Universal Render Pipeline is out of Preview and ready for production, with improvements in performance, workflow, and extensibility. Uncover the benefits of using the Universal Render Pipeline, how to set up your project for it, and how to extend it for custom rendering effects.

Speaker(s): Marek Marchlewicz, Unity Technologies

Design Review in VR : The Power of Immersive Collaboration

Description: Get a look at Unity's new Immersive Collaboration Toolkit, which provides the foundation to develop design and review experiences for virtual reality within Unity. Learn how Unity fosters instant collaboration with remote colleagues on virtual product designs as well as how to take advantage of the toolkit's extensibility to customize, optimize and enhance your design and review experiences.

Speaker(s): Shawn Beck, Unity Technologies

Unity Simulation : Create, Generate & Simulate - Fast Track Your Game Development

Description: Machine Learning in Unity In this session we are going to share with you updates on machine learning efforts at Unity. ML-Agents Toolkit and Inference engine equips game developers and AI researchers with tools to develop and run their machine learning AI models inside Unity Editor. Unity Simulation is a new service that allows you to simulate different variations of your game and see how they compare. You can detect and predict patterns in game data to make data-driven decisions faster.

Speaker(s): Marek Marchlewicz, Unity Technologies

Using Unity to bring Aborigine Life Alive

Description: Informed by extensive research and brought to life with Unity Real-Time Rendering Platform, Brett Leavy is reconstructing significant cultural places from an Indigenous perspective. The work is an immersive journey through a virtual heritage landscape that depicts a day in the life of the Traditional Owners.

Speaker(s): Brett Leavy, Unity Technologies

Creating Stunning Visuals with Visual Effect Graph

Description: VFX Graph is out of Preview in 19.3. Interested in creating film-like effects such as fire, smoke or holograms in Unity? This session shares how to use node-based effects and adaptive features in Unity's Visual Effect Graph to create striking VFX in real-time.

Speaker(s): Teck Lee Tan, Unity Technologies

An Overview of "The Heretic"

Description: Unity's award-winning Demo team, creators of Adam and Book of the Dead, showcases how Unity can power high-end visuals for game productions. Learn how they used the latest features in the High Definition Render Pipeline such as Post Processing, Shader Graph, Visual Effect Graph, and Timeline to create their latest amazing real-time short film, The Heretic.

Speaker(s): Adam Single, Unity Technologies